Elvox 6201

Good day,
I need help with connection Elvox 6201 with Nuki Opener.

I tested 2 setup for now:

  1. (pic1) with yellow and green cables
  • intercom and Nuki didn’t ring (sometimes the intercom rings but very quietly)
  • if press ring button from door side, the door opens immediately.
  • I can’t open the door from the application
  • notification didn’t work
  1. (pic5) with blue and purple
  • intercom rings as usual, Nuki didn’t rind, just make sound, when door opened from application.
  • if press ring button from door side, intercom in apartment ringing.
  • I can open door from application
  • notification didn’t work
    I would be grateful for help in connecting, unfortunately support has not helped in any way :frowning:

Last version :slight_smile:

Open from app - works
Ring to open - works
Open from Nuki button - works
If press ring button from the door side, Nuki in the apartment ringing.
Notification - works

Not sure if it’s correct but it’s works, hopes this can help somebody :+1: