Edit users name

Could it be made possible to edit an user name?
Now one has to delete and create a user again, if one only wants to change something in the name. (To correct a typo for example).
Very inconvenient.
(I understand that the email adres can not be edited, but an user(name) should not be a problem)

Can you please detail a be more specific which name you want to change where (Nuki Web, App, Shop …)?

I mean the user name in the Nuki web interface. One can not edit this. For example, there is, after creating him, a user named John and afterwards i want to change his name to John Doe.
At present i only can do this by deleting the user and recreating him, but then i also have to remember, re-use all the devices and settings. I believe it could and shoud be easy tot only cnhange/edit his (user) name.

Yes, we can take a feature request to this.
You can vote here: Edit username in Nuki Web