Easy setup - Intercom

Hello everyone,

I bought Nuki Opener and my intercom is AIPHONE brand - model GT-1D.

After looking forum it’s seems not easy to install Opener on it, so I plan to buy a new universal intercom.

  1. First, do you think that I can replace easily the current intercom ?
    (I’m not skilled)
    Do I have to keep attention to eventual polarity ? (+/-)

  2. Secondly, do you have you any suggestion of brand / model which works on the first try ?

I saw, for instance, the following device :

Urmet 1133-15

But there’s topics with some issues.

Maybe Fermax / Colmar / other brands / model suggestion ?


Hi! Have you tried it with this intercom on the photo!? I would try it first on the one already there!

Hi Rose,

Thank you for your message. The Aiphone intercom is not recognized by Opener and has no terminal block on it.
Maybe I’m wrong but it seems to difficult for me with this kind of terminal.

I don’t know where to start. :thinking:

Hi! Sorry for the late reply! Try to set it up as generic bus (digital) and follow the wiring scheme the app gives you. The Terminal Blocks are just the blocks where the wires are connected, in your case is this R1&R2. Take at first R1 as “+” and R2 as “-”, and if it doesn’t work than switch and take R1 as “-” and R2 as “+”. Let me know how it goes.

Les conseils de Rose Langouste ont ils fonctionné ? Merci bien