E-Scooter sharing for employees

Dear All
I got asked to present my questions hear and I hope you might have a solution.

Situation: we have 3 E-Scooters which we would like to offer our employees, for that we have in our garage a locker (for ech scooter one) in which we will place helmets in different sizes, charges for the battery and the key for the E-Scooter. In order that employees can “rent” the E-Scooter I would need a system, that no other employees will be responsible to hand out keys… Therefore Nuki seems a very good idea. Now as we do not have any website for that,… would you have an idea how we can offer a simple booking system for the employee and for the time the E-Scooter gets booked the employee will recive a code for the locker to be able to open it? Thanks a lot for your help. I do not have the locker yet, therefore it can be built upon the requirements.

Best regards