DTMF Intercoms

I’m here in Brazil and I’m doing some experiments with the Nuki Opener. Practically none of the most used manufacturers here (JDL, HDL, Legrand) are on the supported list, but I investigated how they work and they probably use the same type of signal as others here.
Brazilian intercoms work by connecting to an analog telephone central. It is this control unit that opens the building gate. Here, intercoms typically receive around 28 volts and communicate using Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) signals. The most common scenario is receiving a call and then entering a code to open the gate. For example, pressing # or *1, *2 to open the gate. This code varies according to the control panel configuration.

Iis there any intercom supported by Nuki Opener that works in a similar way?

I’ve done tests using Generic Bus and haven’t been successful yet.