Doorman vs Nuki Auto unlocking

It’s a bit strange to see a third party APP doing a better job than Nuki itself.

Doorman gives you the ability to configure just about anything
for making the autounlocking experience nearly 98% perfect.

So until Nuki fixes this auto unlock Nuki is set to off
and doorman steps in for controlling my Nuki


Never knew about Doorman. Installed it and was overwhelmed by the configuration options. It is definitely an expert app. Nuki, IMHO, has standard users in focus and has to definitely abstract such configurations. Since all configurations of Doorman are internal Nuki APIs, it neverthless should be possible for Nuki App to provide these as well as an expert mode in their app.

Ideal would be that no detailed configurations are required and Auto-Unlock works reliably for all :blush:


Where do I find it? Searched the App Stored and even googled it… thx

It’s here.

I don’t know if it is approved by Nuki. So please use/test it on your own risk. :mask:

Can not find the App in the Apple store! Only google store?

You can find it here

It is not licensed by Nuki, but uses the API.
There is no need to configure it after download, unless you want to tweak it’s working.
Just selected the auto lock actions you desire, press the home button on the main screen and enjoy seamless entry and locking.
There is a help page to support tweaking if you like.
Download is free. You need to pay 1 euro a year after 100 successful auto locks/unlocks/opens.