DoorBird Integration

With DoorBird Video Doorbell, you won’t miss a single visitor. And thanks to the smart integration of the Nuki Smart Lock into the Doorbird app, you can easily open your door while away. This is made possible via DoorBird Connect.
DoorBird Connect is a free feature that every DoorBird IP Video door station has at its disposal.

Smart Lock Integration

You’ll need to activate Nuki in the settings in order to connect your Nuki Smart Locks and your Doorbird Video Doorbell. Open the Doorbird app and go to the settings. Select Nuki from the tab “Smart Locks”. The Nuki app will open via shortcut as soon as you press the key symbol in video mode.

Hello Stephan,

yes, it does open the nuke app but it would be even better, if pressing on relais 1 or 2 that you can directly manage the nuki lock from the door bird app.

doorbird has a RFID card reader, so I want to know, how I can link it with the nuki 2.0 lock?
is this still possible? That would be great!

Kind regard,
Lukas (Vorarlberg)

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In order to use the Nuki Smart Lock directly from the Doorbird app, they would have to integrate it into their App via our Bluetooth API. Atm I don’t know of any plans to do this.
Shortcuts are not a perfect solution, but an easy and quick one compared to the complete integration via Bluetooth API (and that’s why it is used).

Hi Stephan, Thanks for your replay!
So I have no option to let me inside with the RFID Chip of the Doorbird?

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Sorry, I am not familiar with the details of Doorbird functions and can not tell you what integrations could be done atm.

It could be possible to connect the Doorbird API ( with our Bridge API to get the functionality you need. But as I wrote above we have not checked or tested this.

Hi Lukas, did you get any solution on this issue (Doorbird RFID -> NUKI Lock via Bridge) yet? Thank you Philipp

I am also interested on integration of Doorbird RFID and nuki. Is it possible? Did you get any response?

I would also be interested in this - has anything changed since October last year?

I thinking that it should be possible but may be not directly but with using openhab or home assist app and their rules function, reg Slawek

I use Doorbird with the Nuki Bridge API-Integration.

Can I use the Nuki Bridge API with more than one Device?

I use it with a smartphone and have to allow the use of the api.

Then I connect to a tablet. The API must be confirmed again and the API authorization is lost on the smartphone.

Doorbird in fact uses the Web API (still a Bridge needed but not the same authorization-method for you!)
As you can only use an integration once per partner on the Web API, Doorbird would need to remember the connection for another device you set up with the same user.

If they do not remember the connection between your devices (or different Doorbird accounts are used) a way to use it twice for your devices is to create a sub-account in Nuki Web.

  1. Go to Nuki Web / Settings / Rights management (Nuki Web)
  2. Add a new Nuki Web Account
  3. Choose an email different from your main account and a passwor
    => A new sub-account is created for your Nuki Web account (where you can also set the needed scope of rights)
  4. Use the credentials of the sub-account to connect the second device

Thank you for the answer.
It now works perfectly with 3 devices.

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Working good, but is it possible to use Doorbird RFID badges to unlock and open the door?

Yes, it’s possible. You can use the Nuki Bridge HTTP API

All you have to do is set up the API and then configure an custom url call in the Doorbird app. Next you can use this http call to open you lock, e.g.