Door suddenly opened without any physical action

(Deadlifter) #1

A few minutes ago my door went suddenly open. My phone was just laying on the table and nothing was triggering. But when I take a look at the log it was the phone which opened the door.
I don’t like such actions :frowning:

Anyone else how recognise this?

(Jürgen Pansy) #2

Please send a debug log from the App to our customer support (Menu > Help) to our customer support. We’ll pick it up from there and continue the conversation via E-Mail.

(Deadlifter) #3

I already send one, but thanks for pointing to that

(Deadlifter) #4

@Juergen it 's okay to start communication by mail, but so far i didn’t get a response on such a important issue. So i’m asking my selves is Nuki save enough to use on a front door when it’s possible that it opens suddenly without any action.

(Jürgen Pansy) #5

You need to give them some time, but an answer will come soon.

(uwe w) #6

I agree to @fvhuizen, even though I don’t know the cause of the actual case. But recently at least I had one case where the SL did some “Postitionserkennung” (after a reset?) and I suspect it opened the door (never got final answer from support). Honestly, that’s a killing issue if Nuki doesn’t get that under control - same as any function that opens the door accidentally.

(Deadlifter) #7

Regarding you’re (Nuki support) it was my Apple watch, but i didn’t wear that at that time and it was laying on the charger. So i hope support will dig deeper into the issue.