Door suddenly opened without any physical action

A few minutes ago my door went suddenly open. My phone was just laying on the table and nothing was triggering. But when I take a look at the log it was the phone which opened the door.
I don’t like such actions :frowning:

Anyone else how recognise this?

Please send a debug log from the App to our customer support (Menu > Help) to our customer support. We’ll pick it up from there and continue the conversation via E-Mail.

I already send one, but thanks for pointing to that

@Juergen it 's okay to start communication by mail, but so far i didn’t get a response on such a important issue. So i’m asking my selves is Nuki save enough to use on a front door when it’s possible that it opens suddenly without any action.

You need to give them some time, but an answer will come soon.

I agree to @fvhuizen, even though I don’t know the cause of the actual case. But recently at least I had one case where the SL did some “Postitionserkennung” (after a reset?) and I suspect it opened the door (never got final answer from support). Honestly, that’s a killing issue if Nuki doesn’t get that under control - same as any function that opens the door accidentally.

Regarding you’re (Nuki support) it was my Apple watch, but i didn’t wear that at that time and it was laying on the charger. So i hope support will dig deeper into the issue.

@Juergen, today for the fifth time in a row (in one week) my door opened suddenly after it was closed. Until now i didn’t get proper support except for the remark that it’s an odd issue and that Nuki support couldn’t find something in the logfile which pointed to this issue. So maybe when i go public with my issue i will get proper support. Because the security of my home is vulnerable with you’re product so far.

I hope this message will reach the proper person who will pick it up and give me the attention which is needed. Otherwise we have to talk about a total refund for this expensive doorlock.

So far i’m dissapointed as a beta tester, this is not the way you have to treat testers and customers.

@fvhuizen, what is this user called Nuki Web (null)? Did you set that or does it appear when the bridge opens the door?

This should be a Web API integration without custom name set. I don’t know the setup, so hard to say for me for sure. But our customer support should have more details with the log files.

@ueffchen i supose it’s the feedback from the page through the bridge. I don’t use api’s to open or close the door. Just to be informed to a flow from Homey (domotica) that the lock is open or closed to start arm / disarm the alarm system

The activity on your screenshot shows, that a Nuki Web command (integration?) unlocked/opened the door (same actions as from the user below). A status update would not create this entry.

Yeah same exact thing just happened to me holy f…

Watch was in sleep mode and the iphone was on the nearby nightstand.

It has probably been happening day in and day out since a couple of weeks, I’ve been receiving homekit notifications of door autoclosing (but not opening, this time I didn’t either)

Something’s very wrong with the web api