Door suddenly not opening 50% the time

i now used nuki for about a month and everything was fine so far, but lately when it should open the door (not just unlock) it often says the motor is physically blocked
when the door is open, there is no error (“falle ziehen” works)
i used the tape version and it shakes a lot (dont know if more than before), so i wonder if the problem might be related to nuki not beeing fixed enough?
i removed nuki and pressed the tapethingy harder against the door, but that only helped for the first try and it didnt felt too unstable
also already did a recalibration

Hi! What says the battery load, how much % are still there, and what type batteries you use!? Because when it’s not really good batteries, you get this issue sometimes even with 60% load still there!


hey, thats exactly the right question!
since i had removed nuki to fix the tape i also changed the battery en passant and as i today wanted to make a video it just worked every time
thought it might be the demonstration effect, but i guess it then really was the low battery!
before i changed it, they were on 40 % (rechargeable alkali 2700mAh NiMH 1,2V)
so for the future i might have to change the battery in advance (though went quite fast; as written just one month used)
thx a lot!

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No problem! I strongly recommend the nuki power packs, they work the best and longest, and are rechargeable directly on the lock!