Door status incorrect

Hi, everything was working fine for me but in the last week, I get notification on my phone saying that I have left the door open. But when I go check the door is closed. Also the auto lock function not working correctly… when I manually open the door by pressing the button, the door opens and then it locks (while the door is open).

Since all this happened out of nowhere, I assume must have been some new firmware update?

Do you use the door sensor? Because it sounds a bit like a calibration error of this sensor. Please try to recalibrate the door sensor (if so) from the “Manage Smart Lock” section in the Nuki App.

Firmware updates on the Smart Lock have to be installed manually (also from the Nuki App). so changes could only occur due to this if you updated yourself (or somebody else with admin rights, i.e. PIN code, on your Smart Lock).