Door Sensor entities in Home Assistant via MQTT


I’ve got a question. Is there a possibility how to integrate Door Sensor state via MQTT integration in Home Assistant? Reason why I’m asking is that reaction via regular wifi is very slow (about 20 sec.) so I actually have my smart lock 4.0 Pro set via MQTT (reacting immediatelly). Now I would like to have door sensor via MQTT as well. Door Sensor entities are visible via Nuki Lock integration but there is a slow reaction.

Thank you

The door sensor is exposed via MQTT as well once paired to the Smart Lock.
If auto discovery is enabled within the MQTT config, it will automatically be shown in the Smart Lock device in Home Assistant.

Yep, it was discovered yesterday evening. I don’t know why it wasn’t there from the beginning but now it’s there and works perfectly.

Thank you

Strange thing is that it only shows door closed. While door open the sensor has unavailable state in Home Assistant Nuki Integration…