Door sensor calibration crashes

Hi, I have a nuki 3.0 pro and a door sensor. Pairing the sensor works fine, but it consistently crashes at the calibration step in the app (2024.4.1 I guess, taken from the app info in android settings). This means it’s always reported as being removed. I already cleared the app cache and reconnected the sensor a few times with the same results.
I hope this gets fixed.


as stated in App Update: Nuki Android App 2024.5.1-beta we have fixed some issues in combination with the Door Sensor in our App with the upcoming version, which is already available via Beta.
I’d suggest you to join the Beta and report if the crashes have been fixed, if not we’ll have a look into it!


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Unfortunately it seems i cannot test the current beta, as the play store beta program seems to only apply to upcoming betas, it won’t let me install a current one, even uninstalling and reinstalling doesn’t help.
But i’ll test it with the next one then.

Usually you need to wait a few minutes after clicking on “Join Beta” in the Play Store in order to be able to download the beta version. But if there is no update available, I can only ask to wait a few more days as the public version will go live later this week!
In the meantime I can only apologize for any inconvenience


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It looks like i misunderstood the delay for joining the beta (around 30-40s) as the delay for being offered the download/update. After around 15minutes, i actually was offered the update.
And it indeed fixed the issue. I was able to calibrate the sensor without crashes.
Thanks again