Door latch not coming out completely when Nuki is mounted?


my new lock is working very easily, but as soon as my Nuki 2.0 is mounted (carbon plate with screws), the door latch is not coming out completely by itself again.
Do you know how to fix this? The manufacturer of the lock can’t help, cause when Nuki is unmountend everything works like it should.
I hope “door latch” is the correct english word for german “Türfalle”.

Please have a look at my video: IMG 0443 - YouTube

If the motor of the Nuki pulls the latch for some seconds for opening the door, it does come out completely again after opening.

Also if I push down the door handle and release, the latch is coming out completely.

Hi! Ich denke das die rückholfeder des sperrriegels in der Tür etwas zu schwach ist, um zusätzlich das nuki mit zu drehen!? Stärkere rückholfeder sollte das beheben.