Door contact support via MQTT and/or API

Product name

For which NUKI product do you want to submit a feature request?
Lock 3.0


Quick summary what this request is about.
I use zigbee and zwave sensors on the doors of my house already. Nuki is relatively new.
It would be good if I could use the existing sensors through my home automation to tell the lock the door is open or closed. As I dont want to replace existing (smaller) door sensors which are connected to my home automation.


Detailed description of desired features.
Send API/mqtt status of a door sensor to the lock. To enable the lock to function like it has a door sensor connected directly.


Why is this feature needed?
3 things.
existing door sensors for home automation, dont want to replace and mess up the home automation.


How would you like to use this feature?
Enable me to send a status of door sensor via api or mqtt

I did exactly this with SmartThings until the edge driver went bust. For some reason Nuki dont seem bothered about moving the official SmartThings development forward.
It can be done with Apple Homekit but its a bit clunky and i dont currently find it as good as the old smartthings way.
HomeAssistant is a good option if you have that set up already.
Or Alexa devices that support Zigbee is another way and automations can all be done in the alexa app.

MQTT is an option for the 3.0 pro i believe not sure about the standard 3.0 lock.
I thought that Smart Home industries were all coming together to make stuff like this simple. Seems not