Does the nuki works without internet?


I just bought the Nuki 2.0 with bridge but i could find any information if the nuki works when my internet falls out? Can I still get in my door with only Bluetooth if i stand n front of door?

Thank you for your answers!

Saw your PM first and already answered it. :wink:

But for others who may also need this information:

Yes, as with Nuki all authorizations are handled locally on the devices you can always open directly via bluetooth. (Just test with removing the Bridge and disabling Wifi and mobile data on your smartphone :wink: )
The Nuki Smart Lock can therefore also be handled by Bluetooth only in general (without a Bridge and/or cloud-functionality via Nuki Web).

Additional (as this is a Developer Forum :wink: ):
We also offer Bluetooth communication documentation in so that integrations are also possible for those usecases.

Thank you for taking the time to answer my question!