Does or have the nuki opener service for ifttt work at all anytime!?

Can anyone say if just one opener trigger for ifttt has worked at all, to anytime!? The opener service is basically not there at all, it doesn’t react to anything not one time!? I was in contact with ifttt and they say, its a issue on nuki side and they can do nothing about it, when they look in their system, it shows that the Nuki-Opener-Service is basically not doing anything!? Is here one user, what have got this to work, just one time!? I am really curious, if this was working at all!? Thanks!

Hi @Rose_Languste !

Yes, the service is working in general and we see a lot of successful requests in the IFTTT logs every day.
If you PM me your Applet version ID I can check for you what information we get on that from IFTTT for the last 48 hours to hopefully figure out your issue. I assume you already checked with our customer support that the Nuki Web setup (correct activity log entry tracking there is needed for IFTTT) is correctly working?

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Very thanks for the response! Now its fully broken down!? I wanted to look for the Applet id, but the Applet shows no id anymore, and I can’t edit nothing in it anymore, and I can’t setup a new Applet anymore, because the Applet finds no devices anymore!? Please look pictures! Thanks!