Does Nuki work with Gainsborough style Tri-Locks?

I guess as per thread.

I’ve been very keen to get a smart-lock for a while and have stumbled upon Nuki and it looks fantastic.

This is an image of my internal lock:

Ideally I’d be pairing the Nuki with a Nuki Keypad 2.0

Thanks for your help!

Replying to add pages of manual for my current lock:

Page 2 of manual:

More research and I can’t find any reason why this won’t work.

Very near to pulling the trigger on this.

However is it possible to mount the Nuki where the keyslot isn’t offset from the door at all?
Because of the design of the lockset it’s kind of indented (as you’ll see on picture 1) and if anything is flush with where the Nuki would be mounted.

Thanks again!

I don’t understand what you mean by that. Can you ilustrate it?

Thanks for taking the time to respond to me.

Sorry for my poor description, I guess I’m not familiar with the correct terminology!

If you look in the first picture you’ll see the key barrel is flush (level) with the outer mechanism it is built into.
I guess I’m asking if this is an issue for the Nuki mounting plate? The instruction video talks about a mounting method for >3mm and a separate one (using adhesive) for <3mm but doesn’t explicitly mention if the <3mm can be mounted on 0mm protrusion of the barrel.

Hope this description helps!

0mm should work fine for the glueing plate, but you also need a flat surface to glue, which could be problematic in your case. The urban version of the Trilock lock would certainly work. With yours you need to try if the existing surface is enough.

Thanks again for your response.

I think the unit will stick as it’s mostly flat.

However I’ve noticed another problem which I don’t think I can get around.
I now think the door lever would strike the Nuki unit when using it to open :confused: