Disable auto-unlock in SL

Product name

Nuki Smart Lock 2.0


Activation of the “auto-unlock” feature should be prevented in the Smartlock settings. So far, each user can decide for themselves. Especially in connection with people who do not belong to the household but need access on certain days, this may lead to unintended door openings when they are in the vicinity of the “SL”. This in turn can lead to critical situations, eg. that a pet runs away.


Either / or:

  • General deactivation of the “auto-unlock” feature in the „SL“- settings
  • Deactivation of the “auto-unlock” feature per user in the user management


Our household help has access to our apartment using the Nuki app. She also works for neighbors on other days. Her children played around with the Nuki app and there activated “autounlock”. Next time she came to our neighbors, our front door was opened unintended. The door was open for several hours and our cat has run away. Luckily, nothing happened and it came back. I don`t want to imagine what else could have happened. This is an intolerable condition that needs to be resolved quickly. Otherwise, the further use of the SL would be too dangerous for us, because more people should get temporary access during our holidays.


I want to disable “auto-unlock” for everyone because I think it’s to risky.
I want to allow “Auto-Unlock” only for me and my wife.

This would be great to have. In our office environment with 60+ users there are always some curious ones trying it out, and as our doors are rather close to each other, even with remote unlocking disabled this turns into chaos quickly.

That is also a must have feature. Sad that it is not available even after 3 years… 🫣