Direct access to Ring-to-open Settings

Product name

iOS app


In Settings, I can set up swipe actions like ring-to-Open for the Opener or “Intelligent” for the Smart Lock. I would really love to add the Option “Ring to Open Settings” as well, that would bring me directly to the Ring to Open time frames within the Administration Settings for the respective opener.


By adding tht as a swipe options, users can chose to add this to single openers if they need it. Users that need to access these settings on a regular basis (e.g. to set up Ring-to-Open timeframes for delivery services, house cleaners, etc.) have an option to jump to them right from the Favorites page that shows when opening the app.


This feature dramatically improves usability of the app as I’m on this much needed Timeframe page right after I swipe from the favorites page.
Right now I have to go through this really annoying menu path: “Manage my devices” -> chose device type -> chose device -> “Administration “ -> “Ring to Open”. That’s five Clicks instead of one swipe.


Look, I need to set up tons of ring-to-open time frames. From looking at this forum, I think many Opener users require exactly the same: a quick access to my ring-to-open settings to allow parcel delivery guys into the house, e.g. This is actually the only reason why I use the app on a regular basis, because everything else is set up the way I want it and works perfectly. It is super time confusing to find these settings and I’m sure it would improve user satisfaction even more.