Difference in end time setting for user specific access times


if I change the end time for an user entry key, the time that is displayed in entry code overview has a difference of two hours.

Here I set the end time to 16:45

And after saving the changes, in the overview the time is saved as 18:45

Maybe this is due to CEST and UTC time?


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Which App version do you use?

I am using version 2.2.0 (1264).

Very strange; we could not reproduce this. Will PM you for more details!

Hello Stephan! I am having also a strange behaviour on all my locks.
I saw this thread and thought it might be related.

since not to long ago the locking protocol seems to be off by 2hours. (I have GMT/UTC+2 In the settings if all locks. (Vienna time)

When I lock or unlock the timestamp is pure GMT/UTC.

do you have any suggestions.

I will attach a picture.
Thanks and kind regards

IOS: 12.2 Iphone SE
Lock 1.0 (1.7.3)
Bridge 1.0
App: 2.2.1

I have the same issue in iOS. I can see it in the latest iOS version and in the latest beta version as well. You can PM me in order to get more information.

Sorry for the late reply. Yes, there are some known issues with time with the App version 2.2.1 (calculation problenm with SL 1.0 and only a display error with SL 2.0). A fix for this is already live in the App store with version 2.2.2!

If you still got time issues with iOS App 2.2.2 please forward those to me!

Yep, the problem is still there in 2.2.2