Difference between Ring to Open and Continuous Mode


I’m sorry, but I don’t understad the difference between Ring to Open and Continuous Mode.
I have read some answers in this forum, but it is still not clear to me. Sorry.

I assume Continuous mode is for the door to open when anyone rings the bell. And I suppose that Ring to Open only opens the door to users who have permissions. Is that so?

Ring to Open is the time limited or one time version of triggering the Opener to open the door when someone rings.

Continuous mode is to open the door at every ring.

The Ipener can not distinguish between an authorized or not authorized person, it can only recognize a ring and then do something or not.

Ring to open is the mode that will be set for example through the app for example when you enter your home area of when you activate it in the app. As soon as it is activated, the next ring on your door bell will open the door.

Continuous mode is often used for shops or doctors: you switch this mode on during shop opening times to allow anyone to enter the house without someone at the front desk always pressing the open button manually. If the shop is closed you switch continuous mode off so that a ring does not automatically open the door any more.