Delete auth is returning a 200 instead of 204

Hi I’m trying to clean up the auths in my devices using the API but I’m currently unable to do so, I always get a 200 response instead of the 204 expected.
I tried to following endpoints:
DELETE /smartlock/{smartlockId}/auth/{id}
DELETE /smartlock/auth {[“Smartlock authorization IDs to delete”]}

Using an normal (not advanced) API token

Hi Vladimir,

The Web API is asynchronous. When you send a command you will get an immediate OK response (i.e. 200). Once the server has received the API call, it will try to reach the Smart Lock and change/delete the code (all the codes are stored on the Smart Lock itself). This usually takes some seconds. If the connection to the Smart Lock is broken or unstable it might not work at all and you get unreliable results.

Therefore, you need to wait some seconds after posting the command. You also need to make sure that the Smart Lock is reachable via the bridge when you send the command i.e. the device is online.