Custom email template invite


Is it possible to have custom email template to send when an invite is created?

Maybe, could be useful for Airbnb self check in to add more information on flat location, or other code to open building door…


Hi @luigisaggese!

If it is o.k. for you I will move this to our #feature-requests category?

I know this is something some Airbnb hosts would like to see, but it would be nice for us to have more feedback from the community on the main usecases.
But of course we understand that especially our Airbnb process could be more flexible and are working on improvements.


Perefect! :slight_smile:

Hi Stephen,

As an experienced Airbnb host my main issues are the following:

  1. Communication channel: email is not the best approach for this, since Airbnb’s single source of truth is the Airbnb messenger.
  2. The email format is too strict. The best approach would be to allow each host to fully customize the text and use smart tags (like $pincode) to share specific pieces of information. That’s how most apps in the airbnb ecosystem do. If in the future you wanted to go beyond that, an automatic language selection would allow different communication in different languages.

As an example, does a great job (I already asked the head developer to consume your APIs).

Thanks in advance,



Any news on this topic?

Not as a user setting. What we are planning is to expand our Web API to enable integrators to build a system with custom invites.

It’s a pitty that a user cannot customize this template. I think that a lot of users need it, and from my experience as developer, it’s not a big deal to do it.

I am looking for the template that Nuki is using currently, where can I find an example of what the invite that Nuki sends looks like?

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+1 this is a needed feature

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