Current firmware version and Firmware update available would be great

Product name

Lock 3.0 Pro


Serveral devices in HA provide

  • the current firmware version
  • the latest firmware version
  • firmware up-to-date


For example Shelly devices (not integrated with MQTT) show

power_switch_avr firmware update: Up-to-date
Installed version: 1.0.3
Latest version: 1.0.3


Why is this feature needed?


Now that I found a setup for my 3pcs Nuki 3.0 Pro that suits me, I very seldom look into the settings of the Android Nuki app.
Even though I have firmware update set to “auto”, it only updates when I invoke it manually and I need to be in Bluetooth range (which I am rarely with 2 of my 3 Nukis)

In HomeAssistant I have a view that lists all batteries of devices that are critically low.
I would like to have a similar view for all devices with new firmware available.
This would improve the view of devices that require manual intervention.