Curl Command to turn of ringing

Hi there,

is it possible to just turn off the bell ringing (Klingelunterdrückung) via curl command?
I use already some commands to open the front door etc., but I could not find the action number to turn off the ringing alone


As I am not sure which API you are using:

This is not possible with the Bridge API.

But if you are using the Web API, you can change the settings for the door bell suppression with

POST /smartlock/{smartlockId}/advanced/openerconfig

Just be very sure to always send all values and not change anything else as this could break your configuration.

So, @Stephan, I read the current setting with
, copy the contents of the openerAdvancedConfig array, modify the values of my choice and use the modified array as the body of the POST request?

There are two values that are not listed in the swagger doc: “intercomId” and “busModeSwitch”. Are they not modifyable or what’s the reason for that?