Connection to WiFi fails 'wrong password' (of course, it isn't :) )

Hi guys !

I own 2 SmartLocks V4 and use them daily but those won’t connect to my home wifi (which is a pity as I would like those to communicate with a MQTT server on that network …).

The problem is probably due to the wifi password itself as it starts with a $ sign …

This happens probably because the password is considered as a variable … which should be easily fixable by some " in the code :slight_smile:

I’m running a lot of other devices that are connected to this wifi network, changing the password would be a real pain …

Could you please consider having a look at that and, maybe, fix it asap ?

Thanks in advance for your return !

Any return ?

Hi @AlRom ,

can you please share a few more details?

  • Which type of security method are you using? (WPA2, WPA2/3-mixed, pure WPA3)
  • Which error message is shown by the Nuki app?
  • Which firmware version is currently installed on your devices?

Thanks and best regards

Hi Stephan,

Thanks a lot for your reply !

Security is WPA2 (personal)
Error code est ‘wrong password’ (while it isn’t …)
Firmware was 4.0.36 on both device

The 2 devices are installed in different locations with exactly the same problem. The wifi networks are different (not the same access point models, not the same SSID but same password).

I just updated to 4.0.37 one for the 2 devices and the problem is still the same.

Hello !

I’m still struggling connecting those devices to wifi …

Wifi security is WPA2 AES emitted by a Watchguard Firebox T25W (I created a dedicated WLAN with a ‘basic password’ to test it …).