Connection lost between bridge and Smart lock 2.0, Bluetooth pairing problem

Having stopped receiving notifications (via IFTTT) when someone locks/unlocks the door, I checked and saw that bridge was no longer connected to server nor to the lock.
First I unplugged bridge and plugged it again but it made no difference.
Tried to pair bridge with SL2.0 from the app but after connecting the phone to the bridge, the bridge couldn’t find the SL.
Finally I managed to pair the bridge with the SL2.0 directory from bridge and SL.
Any ideas as to why bridge lost connection to the SL2.0.?
Why Bluetooth pairing couldn’t succeed from the app.?

We had some users with connection issues after the last bridge firmware update which are fixed now with versions 2.2.9/1.12.6.
Please check if it has updated and connection works after that first.

Current bridge firmware version is 1.12.5.
Can I manually initiate the firmware update or I have to wait till it automatically starts.?

It normally automatically tries to update 1 hour after a restart and then all subsequent 24 hours. Or you can trigger the /fwUpdate command on the Bridge API.

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Thank you, that did the trick.

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