Connection between NUKI V3 to JEEDOM, via NUKI Bridge

Hello to all,

I am facing some API/web integration problems.

I left my previous solution of THEKEYS to switch to NUKI solution, because I understood it was easier integration into JEEDOM via APIs.
(it is also important to note that JEEDOM has developped an official plugin that I use, specifically for the NUKI V3 solution :slight_smile: )
My “NUKI V3 + NUKI Bridge” are well properly installed, and well working, via my iOS smartphone (iPhone X).
In Bluetooth in local, as well as in remote via the Bridge.

Currently, I am trying to integrate my NUKI V3 into my JEEDOM (DIY solution on SYNOLOGY NAS, via DOCKER).
I have properly generated my APIKEY on NUKI_web website, that I have properly set into my JEEDOM, but when I “synchronize”… to create my equipment into JEEDOM (under NUKI plugin), it does NOT work.

Problem reporting:
The error log that is returned by JEEDOM is the following …

2022-06-15 10:15:03 nuki Erreur sur la fonction cron15 du plugin : Echec de la requête HTTP : http://192.XXX.XX.XX:XX/callback/list?token=[APIKEY generated by NUKI_Web] cURL error : Failed to connect to 192.XXX.XX.XX port XX: Connection refused

If necessary, I have no problem of course to communicate (in M.P.) to officials of NUKI technical support my APIKEY, IP Address:Port, etc …
I can even create you a dedicated account in my JEEDOM for you (NUKI Web TECH.).

I suspect a problem of configuration of HTTP/HTTP server and/or callback no return, due to this … but not sure, and on the top of it, not able to solve it.
Is it working in local or cloud?
Is there any Port limitation via your NUKI Web API website?
Do I have to open the concerned Port on my Routeur?

Regards and thousand THX in advance for your support,

Hi Christophe!

It seems you are mixing up our APIs.
You created a token for the Web API but your requests are using the Bridge API. I recommend to check our documentation for the Bridge API chapter 3.2 how you can receive your token for that.


Hello Alexander,

I know there was something wrong in hat I was doing …

Many THX for this quick and clear reply.

Ok so chapter 3.2 distinguishes both type you provide of token (Plain or Hashed).

Honestly, I am not sure to fully understand at 100% this developper documentation.

I just simply want to be able lock and unlock (via my JEEDOM) my NUKI lock V3.

Just this.

I am talking about the Bridge, because I red before to purchase that Bridge is inevitable, for a JEEDOM integration.

Do you have by chance the procedure to follow (like a tutorial - cooking recipe - the simplest will be the best), in order to perform this integration into JEEDOM Domotique software?

Many many THX in advance Alexander,

Christophe BOYER

Hi Christophe!

I am sorry we cannot provide you with a guide for the JEEDOM integration as it was not developed by Nuki. I recommend to ask the developers of these integration.

If you are using your private Wifi you can use the plain token (see chapter 3.1 on how to get that).


Hello Alexander,

It is all OK :slight_smile:

I found the procedure in reading your sent link ( the Bridge API) chapter 3.1.1 … and then I have simply to activate API HTTP option in the bridge parameter window.

All is working.

I will finalise my tutto in JEEDOM community.

I have already put very nice appreciation ; to see my message 3 days ago.

=> What is better than 20/20 ??? :wink: … => 21/20! :slight_smile:

Many THX Alexander,
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