Connecting Nuki Opener to Commax Intercom (model CMV-70MX)

I have an intercom unit made by Commax (model CMV-70MX) and it’s not listed on your supported devices. Find its wiring diagram attached. Any idea how I can connect your device to it?

Yup, for the ddl-power-sheme, blue opener wire on open1 and purple opener wire on gnd (opening circuit), and for the interphone-sheme, black opener wire on gnd, now take the nuki clamp and put the yellow opener wire in it, and unscrew the wire what is now in call and put it also in the clamp, now put the green opener wire in call, finish! Now reset the opener and try a fresh setup with generic analogue! Let me know how it goes!?

If I have two doors to open, what color should I put in open2?

For this you just have to make a little bridge between 1 and 2! - Just take a short wire, and put one end to 1 and the other end to 2! This opens both doors at the same time, - the opener sends the signal to 1, and the bridge sends it further to 2! Let me know, how it goes!?