Connect Nuki with Hostaway (PMS)

Hello Nuki Developer Team,

Please help me to connect my Nuki with (Property Managment System). offers an open API Key. How Do I connect it to Nuki? I do have the API Key from Hostaway and only need to connect it with NUKI.

Thank you for your help I really appriceate it!

Sent you a PM.

I would also like to know hot to connect my Nuki pro 3 to Hostaway

can you also please tell me how to connect Nuki 3 pro to my Hostaway account ? I have an api key form Hostaway and an account id


If you check out Hostaway’s marketplace you can see that an integration with Nuki is possible via Chekin. Unfortunately a direct integration is currently not available.


Hi, when do you think that a direct integration with Hostaway could be available? We have 40 apartments that we would like to start using Nuki smartlock´s.


sent you a PM.