Configure Webhook

I am configuring a webhook to receive the various changes of this lock, but the service indicates 100% errors. I try to restart by pressing the ‘Restart’ button, but I can’t get it to work.

The Webhook url is:
In Backed there is a POST method for this url, in fact, if I make the request from Postman, it works correctly.

I have inspected the ‘Refresh’ button request and see that it makes a POST to, but it responds with a code 400 error and this Body:

“detailMessage”: “ does not respond with HTTP status 204”,
“stackTrace”: [],
“suppressedExceptions”: []

I have reread the documentation several times and I can’t find where the error could be.

Has this happened to anyone?

I would appreciate your help.



Apologies for the late response.
Please ensure that your webhook URL is correct and reachable before trying to restart the service. If the error rate has been 100% for an extended period of time, Nuki may suspend the webhook service.

Kindly reach out to the support via or for more help on this, as this is an issue only impacting you.