Configure 2 rotations to 720 if 3 rotations available 1080

It would be nice to add for systems with 3 rotations (1080°) the possibility to fix the maximum to 2 rotations (720°).

At the moment I can choose 1 rotation (360°) or 720° Which will automatically do 3 rotations of 1080° instead of 2 of 720°.

Could you please modify the software/firmware to manage 1 rotation 360 / 2 rotations 720 and 3 rotations 1070° please?

Thank you very much
Best regards from Switzerland

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Has this been added please?
I have just installed nuki on my lock and it needs 1080 to lock. Is there any eta for this pls

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Hi! I use a little workaround for such things, just look where exactly you want it to stop, make a mark and just hold it with the hand when it reaches that point, then the lock turns just to this position.

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Thx :slight_smile:
Probably I will try this, if no other solution will be implemented.

This make my battery last very short time too, also a problem in this case.
Nuki, please review again and try to implement a better solution.
Thx, br

Hi! Why does this drain your battery more, you have to hold it just one time when configuring, after the lock will stop itself on this position? Or do I understand something wrong here?

Hi, no, I mean like it is now, rotating 3 times needs more battery.
If Nuki will not add a settings to set this, I will try your suggestion.
Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Ah ok, I understand. :+1: