Compatibility Nuki Opener with Golmar T-840/C

I have a Golmar T-840/C with 4 wires. This device is very old and it doesn’t appear in the compatibility check. I think that this device has been replaced with other Golmar models like T-510R or similar. Do you know if my actual Golmar device (T-840/C) is compatible with Nuki Opener?

I attach a photo of my device.

This is the schema of this device.

Can anybody help me about this?

por que no lo cambias por un fermax, que vale 12€?
es lo que hice yo. Tenia uno que no era compatible y puse este:

¿Para poder instalar Nuki Opener es necesario que cambie el telefonillo?

¿Este telefonillo es compatible con la centralita comunitaria Golmar y permite configurarlo para abrir dos puertas diferentes con código de acceso?

In order to install Nuki Opener, is it necessary to change the intercom?

Is this door phone compatible with the principal Golmar community and can it be configured to open two different doors with access code?

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Hi to all. I’m in the same case.
At first of all, to change the intercom by another one will not work because Golmar T-840 is a 4 wires, digital, programmable system that needs to be replaced by another compatible system (like Golmar T-590VD or 790VD), too expensives and, in this moment, without opener compatibilty. So the problem will be the same.
Another thing is the way that this system needs to work. First needs to receive the call. Then you can push the opening button to open the door (so I imagine that the only working operation mode possible should be “Ring to Open”)
With these premises, is there anyway to configure opener with this system?

My community switchboard was also fermax, if the switchboard is analog, I think the fermax phone would also work. But it is better that you consult it before, that I could not tell you for sure.

Tu telefonillo es configurable para que desde la central se use un código de acceso del tipo: 34+campanilla y así suene el telefonillo?

¿Podrías enviarme una foto de cómo has conectado cada cable del Nuki Opener al telefonillo Fermax? En mi telefonillo Golmar no sabría distinguir cuál es el cable de apertura de la puerta

I have received the Nuki Opener and after many tests, I got it to work (not all). There is a issue, the Opener open the door when I push the button in the switchboard. I need that the Opener only works with “Ring to Open”.

I need that it doesn’t open the door when the option “Ring to Open” isn’t active. How can I get it?

I have configured the Opener like a Golmar T-500 and T-712VD, but the behavior has been the same. The cabling is the next:

Opener (Green) -> Golmar (Speaker wire)
Opener (Purple and Black) -> Golmar (Ground wire)
Opener (Blue) -> Golmar (Open wire)

My old intercom is 4+n wires and electronic ring and it is only activated when someone call.

Hi @hesafo ! Did you make progress on your T-840/C to have it (at least partially) working?

I’m in a situation where I’m considering going Nuki, but only if the Opener works (now or some time this year). Our apartment association had Golmar’s T-840/A, and they are all getting replaced with the T-590VD, also incompatible with Nuki today.

Hi @jbd,

I have achieved with my Opener open the door of my building. Actually, I have configured the Opener like a T-712VD intercom, but there are some issues:

1.- The doorbell doesn’t work. It doesn’t ring on my intercom
2.- Always open the door when somebody ring to my flat. It only works in continuous mode, regardless of the configuration you have, but the funny thing is that I have the continuous mode disabled
3.- Opener doesn’t work with “Ring to Open” mode

Although the Opener open the door when I call to my flat, this is a problem because everybody can access to my building calling to my flat (I have the continuous mode disabled). Also, since the doorbell doesn’t ring, I can’t talk on my intercom.

Based on this, we could say that it does not meet the basic requirements. I hope Nuki fixes this quickly and the four-wire Golmar (4+n) models are supported as soon as possible. @MatthiasK can you help us with this?


Thanks @hesafo ! Quite a useful report.

In the meantime, I’ve tested the SmartLock at my door, and it’s quite noisier than expected. It does the job but I’m not impressed. I agree with you, the Opener is not viable the way you describe it on the Golmar models. Thanks for trying !

Hi @MatthiasK,

Could you help us about this? Are there any solution for this Golmar equipment? Or is it preferable to look for a solution other than Nuki Opener?