Compatibility Nuki opener - Prodel PR-CDS-01A (?)


does anyone have a clue if the nuki opener might work with my old (model might be PR-CDS-01A) prodel? I contacted Nuki and got the “opener how to” manual but looking at the manul and my device I couldn’t tell upfront if I had a chance to make it work. I asked Prodel if they had any documentation for that model but they don’t.

Any advice/hint/help would be highly appreciated.

Hi! Its a digital bus system, so nobody can really say before trying, if the opener can read out the signals and reproduce them correctly!?

@Rose_Languste thanks a lot for the info. If I dare to buy the opener and somehow get it to work with the intercom I’ll let everyone know.


If someone else also has a prodel and is looking for more information - looks like in the (or this specific?) Urmet 1132 (Urmet 1132 - Opener not working) the same board is used altough differently.