Compatibility between Nuki Opener and Intercom Urmet 1142

Dear Nuki users,
I have read many posts and I wanted to see if any improvments with Nuki 1142.

I have connected the Nuki opener without the bridge to my intercom Urmet 1142.

I have made the BUS Generic configuration on the Nuki Opener App.

I didn’t pass the the test and learning process as there is a wrong message with a Red Cross.

Nevertheless I have made a test calling from the ground floor to my intercom flat (3rd floor) and it is working as if there is no Nuki opener. The Nuki opener seems to do nothing but the call to my intercom is sent.

The learning process from Nuki Opener is doing really a leaning of my intercom behaviour?
Is the intercom 1142 compliant with Nuki Opener? Is there a recent fix developed by Nuki for this intercom?

Has anyone installed the NUKI opener with the Urmet 1142, it it working?

Thank you,