Communication between esp32-s3-devkitc-1 and NUKI FOB

Hello everyone,

I have a esp32-s3-devkitc-1 and a NUKI FOB, and use the libary from I-Connect/NukiBleEsp32 ( The Destination is let NUKI FOB controll ESP32, something like, after pairing each other and pressing Button of NUKI FOB, a GPIO Pin of ESP32 can be Low or High.

I have changed the necessary instances/definitions for " Nuki opener", and after running project, I got the logging “No nuki in pairing mode found”, even I have pressed NUKI FOB for 5 seconds to let it be into Pair Mode. I free that, my ESP32 can’t see the NUKI FOB… the Serial Monitor Output is as follow:

[ 70470][D][NukiBle.cpp:102] pairNuki(): No nuki in pairing mode found
[ 70476][D][NukiBle.cpp:107] pairNuki(): pairing result 0
I NimBLEScan: New advertiser: 54:d2:72:10:4b:7a
I NimBLEScan: Updated advertiser: 54:d2:72:10:4b:7a
I NimBLEAdvertisedDevice: No service data found
I NimBLEScan: New advertiser: 6d:71:4b:44:2e:3d
I NimBLEScan: Updated advertiser: 6d:71:4b:44:2e:3d
I NimBLEAdvertisedDevice: No service data found
I NimBLEScan: New advertiser: 3a:9c:4c:10:67:7a
I NimBLEAdvertisedDevice: No service data found
I NimBLEScan: Updated advertiser: 54:d2:72:10:4b:7a

my questions:

  1. does the libary work for NUKI FOB? or, the libary only work for NUKI Opener und NUKI Lock? and I need new libary files for NUKI FOB?

  2. If the libary can work for NUKI FOB, can anyone tell me, what should I do, to let NUKI FOB be paired with the board “esp32-s3-devkitc-1”.

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Thank for your help! as you said, we need send a “MTU Exchange Request” from Simulated NukiLock(ESP32) to Nuki Fob.

I tired the connection between Nuki Lock und Nuki Fob and watch their connection with with nrf52840 dongle wireshark. see NukiLock-Fob.JPG
I find that, “MTU Exchange Request” is form Nuki Lock(Server/slave) to Nuki Fob(Client/Master). you can see the “MTU Exchange” in red Mark Nr.1 and Nr.2 . it’s very intressting, because normally “MTU Exchange Request” is always from Client to Server, according to the Bluetooth Spezification.

I tried also the connecton between NukiLock(ESP32S3, Server/slave) and Nuki Fob(Client/Master), and there is no “MTU Exchange”. because there is no API for “MTU Exchange Request” in ESP32 Ble Server. see ESP32-Fob.JPG, I just use the API for “MTU Exchange Request” in ESP32 Ble Client, but “MTU exchange Request” doesn’t work

my question is,

  1. how does it happen, that “MTU Exchange Request” is sent from NukiLock(Server) to Nuki Fob(Client) in your product NukLock?
  2. Is there really a “MTU Exchange Request” API for NukiLock(Server) in your NukiLock firmware?
  3. or Is there any other Method be used for Nuki Lock to send the request from Server?
  4. why do the “MTU Exchange Request” send from Server to Client?

I look forward to your feedback

The library only supports the Lock and the Opener, it will not work with the Fob.