Commercial App Integration

Hi all,

I’m looking to add a ‘open door’ button into my in-development app to allow access for my clients when they need it. Is that something that’s possible with Nuki and the API?

Any help would be appreciated!

Do you want foreigners to be able to open your door via your app?

Of course, this is possible. But I wouldn’t try to control the Nuki via your app, for security reasons. I think it would be better to write your own API to be called from your App.

And if your API gets a call to open the door and the other parameters pass (active customer, correct time/day, …) it can call e.g. your local home assistant instance, which controls the nuki to open the door.

You could use the ESP32 Nuki Bridge to do this from an external server via MQTT too, if you want to.

Another way would be to use the Nuki Web API. But I wouldn’t go this way. Cause if they find something suspicious (too many different IPs for example), they probably would block the access.