Comelit 6721W

Hello everyone, I have a Comelit 6721W intercom. I am absolutely inexperienced and am looking for a solution to couple the intercom with an opener. Does anyone have experience or a solution? Thank you.


Did you manage to connect it?


Unfortunately not

I have the 6721W/BM, is it the same model you have?

Do you know if NUKI will integrate this model in the future?


I asked the manufacturer Comelit and they say it’s up to Nuki. Since it is due to the security settings and Nuki has to make adjustments, Nuki said they don’t want to do anything here at the moment.

Hi Mark,
Has Comelit told you that Nuki has to fix the problem/issue with the security settings?
I was told by Nuki that some digital intercoms (like Comelit 6721W) are not compatible at this moment because of security settings of the manufacturer (= Comelit).
The digital intercom Comelit 6721W is a 2 wire (BUS) system, and should work like other digital
Intercoms with the Nuki Opener.
You should know that some time ago Nuki presented the Comelit 6721W in the list of COMPATIBLE devices. That was the reason that I have bought this type of Comelit intercom.
So who is now responsible of this new issue, uncompatibility?


Hey Oliver,
Which intercom should you select during installation in the Nuki app so that you can connect the opener step by step?