Comelit 2738w/a - Opener


I tried to set up my intercom with the Nuki opener, when i choose Bticino under Generic it works a bit

The first step works (Nuki regonizes the opening button), but Nuki doesnt regonizes the Doorbell outside, so i cant continue installing.

Do you have an idea why nuki doesnt see the bell ringing, or how i fix this?

Can i use another button outside or something like that to open the door?

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Hi Wim, did you try the Generic > Bus (Generic) profile? There is no dedicated Comelit Simplebus2 profile yet.


Yes i tried that, the only profile that does something is the Bticino (but only the open button). All other profiles dont respond.

Maybe i have to buy another Comelit intercom, i read on this forum that the 2708 works because of the simplebus 1 protocol.

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Does the Comelit profile ever come? I dont want to return everything but its very annoying that the opener doesnt work

Hello, any news or idea to help? I have same intercom at home.

did you try setup red and black cables
with/and without doorbell suppression?
perhaps without supresssion?

did you try this;? It’s not the same intercom, but the method is interesting."

hi, unfortunately our building also installed the 2738w/a units now and I’m struggling with them.
The best I could get to is that it recognizes the open signal (on generic manufacturer, profile bticino or unimet bibus) but neither of them can send back the signal to open. I.e. the command from the phone does not actually unlock the door downstairs :confused:
I’ve tried various cable setups described here and in the 2708w related thread. I’m a bit at a loss here and would highly appreciate more support from Nuki.

I also didnt found a solution yet… very disappointing :exploding_head: