Comelit 2738w/a - Opener


I tried to set up my intercom with the Nuki opener, when i choose Bticino under Generic it works a bit

The first step works (Nuki regonizes the opening button), but Nuki doesnt regonizes the Doorbell outside, so i cant continue installing.

Do you have an idea why nuki doesnt see the bell ringing, or how i fix this?

Can i use another button outside or something like that to open the door?

Kind Regards,


Hi Wim, did you try the Generic > Bus (Generic) profile? There is no dedicated Comelit Simplebus2 profile yet.


Yes i tried that, the only profile that does something is the Bticino (but only the open button). All other profiles dont respond.

Maybe i have to buy another Comelit intercom, i read on this forum that the 2708 works because of the simplebus 1 protocol.

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Does the Comelit profile ever come? I dont want to return everything but its very annoying that the opener doesnt work

Hello, any news or idea to help? I have same intercom at home.

did you try setup red and black cables
with/and without doorbell suppression?
perhaps without supresssion?

did you try this;? It’s not the same intercom, but the method is interesting."