Combine opener with smart look via bridge

Product name

combine opener with smart look


open both by pressing the button on the opener only, booth are connected via bridge


press button on opener and the via bridge connected smart look opens as well


in my office the opener is placed inside and open the entrance door outside, but I need to open the smart look together with the entrance door outside by pressing the button on the opener.
At the moment I can not combine booth. I need to push the button on the opener, then I have to go to the app and open the smart look.


One button opens the outside door and the smart look door, one push necessary only. Combine of analoge and smart products for different use cases like garage door with entrance door
it would be very helpful if I could open both by pressing the button on the opener only.
both devices are connected with the bridge.
combining booth would be a great solution for my use case, but combining more products from nuki would be a world opener for a comfortable life. open the smart look with keypad can be combined with open the opener with the garage door, an so on…

thank you!