Combination buzzer presses on intercom to gain entry in an emergency

Product name

NUKI opener


As the title suggests. The ability to press combination intercom buzzer presses to gain access to a communal door to gain access in an emergency.


Go to the intercom and press the buzzer a number of times so that it activates “listening mode”. Then enter a 6 digit pin - each number with say a few seconds delay. So you press say 15 times sequentially to trigger listening then 2 quickly for 2, then a pause then 5 quickly for 5 then a pause etc etc until you have entered your pin.


As an emergency. You have nothing on you. No keypad outside or the keypad doesn’t have range so not installed.


The dog wakes you up in the morning. You live in a flat with communal door… It is early. You grab your phone, half asleep and rush out. Everything has been working beautifully. Really stable. You’re telling your friends how good nuki is. You get relaxed about always getting in with your phone. It has been a few months where you have been ultra careful about contingency. You get complacent. Then bam! Your phone didn’t charge and you have no way of getting in…
But wait, you can enter a listening code in the buzzer then a pin which is separated by pauses. You get in and then can enter your code into the keypad on your flat door…
Obviously there would be more to discuss like ring suppression when it is activated. And perhaps feedback after each pin entry - a bit like when ring to open is activated and you press the buzzer. This wouldn’t have to be to say the number was correct but to enter next number. Then once in it asks you to change listening code.

I had the same idea and tinkered with callbacks and home assistant (+node red). > It would be possible if u have A LOT of patience. There is a ~50sec cool down for the state “ring action”

Most unsecure way: Count your rings in the last X minutes. If count >= Y, open door.

U can extend this solution: with a 4-digit code (average (1-9) = 5555) and a 1-minute pause between each digit, u need 23 minutes (~5min per digit+ ~1min per pause).

@Nuki Team: please lower the cool down of the ring action state.