Clutch failure?

My Smart Lock 2.0 has stopped working. It gave me a ‘motor blocked’ error in normal use, and when I checked on the app, it said the batteries were low (never got a notification about this- but that’s a story for another day!). I replaced the batteries and recalibrated, and now the calibration fails with a motor blocked/ error 42 and the key turner doesn’t turn even with no resistance (ie taken off the door). I have even tried different batteries. It makes a clicking sound, but doesn’t turn the central piece at all. Sounds like the clutch doesn’t engage. Any advice?

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Please contact our support via or for help with your issue.

This forum is focused on developer related issues.

The failure happened after a firmware upgrade, hence approaching the developer forums.

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I updated the firmware and have the same error 42 or 43.