I would like to ask if it is possible to “block” the manual unlocking/rotation from inside? Or if there is any child-protection? Our 3-year daughter can rotate the bezel alone by herself and open the door and that’s not something we want to experience.

The bezel is physically attached to the key and to the cylinder, how could you imagine it could be blocked? Its like a key if left in the lock - any child is able to turn it and open the lock. You can disable the button on the lock but that you perhaps know yourself already.

It’s also an emergency function. We always want you to be able to quickly exit.
During a fire the door could burn and Nuki become defunct. You would not be able to exit if we would let the clutch engaged (like it is for example while the lock’n’go timer counts down) and therefore the inner ring (and also manual unlocking with a key from the outside) becomes blocked.

The button is not the issue, as this can be programmed making the unlocking difficult for a child (e.g. only after 3 successive presses).
I don’t know how this could be implemented. I think its doable. However, I am not the project manager neither the software engineer to know it. I am just asking or giving idea for development.

When you look your door WITHOUT NUKI, its not a standard nor the recommended method to leave the key on the door. You usually remove the key. What is then the emergency function? You don’t have an emergency function. You just need to find the key. Lets say in this case, like the lock’n’go you block the cylinder permantly, until you might disengage this function by successive presses of the bezel.

True, but we care only about doors with Nuki on it. A visitor has no chance to get out if the ring is blocked nor do you have a chance to enter from the outside with a key. We know that it’s a drawback with kids (between ~2-4 years), but there’s no way around this.

Your last sentence is a great issue in case of emergency, since poeople might not be able to find keys if they are in panic. That‘s why we didnt even lock the door before nuki. If we would have done it, we would have left the key in there. So in my opinion, nuki is doing everything correctly. In case of emergency nuki can even unlock doors automatically.

Since we have a little child, too. We solved the issue using notifications. Just unlocking the door is not a problem. The problme comed when your child opens the door. Using an „unlock“ and an „open door“ notification helped us to react directly to the situation an chill relaxed the rest of the time :wink:

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On a side-note: You can also completely deactivate the button-press action (and also the led-ring) in the admin-settings (which makes it the more important to have the emergency option imho)!


On a side-note: You can also completely deactivate the button-press action (and also the led-ring) in the admin-settings (which makes it the more important to have the emergency option imho)!

Dear Stephan,

when you say “led-ring” you actually mean only the led but not the ring?! Correct? The ring cannot be deactivated.

Yes, the LEDs. Ring only referred to the form factor of the light, sorry if this was confusing for you!

I had the issue several times that when I did not replace the batteries when told to by the app, suddenly the ring was blocked mechanically. Only way to open the door was to remove the batteries and take the Nuki of the key. It happened three times.

Sorry to be reviving an old thread, but has anyone considered putting a cover on the Nuki itself? E.g. something that goes over the bezel that prevents tiny hands to turn it but is not a problem for adults?

There are plenty of regular door knob covers that seem to get the job done. Something like that which fits over the Nuki should do the job, right?

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We have the same issue. We’ve been an avid user for years.

Our 3 year old cannot turn a key and we could have it hanging on a hook if he could, but it seems that he can turn the ring. Today he almost ended up on the main road!

Can I ask what covers people have used please?

Is it possible to get a large “exit” button higher up too? I know I can do it through Home Assistant, but I’d rather not rely on another system.

Many thanks


This is the one overriding factor preventing me from purchasing nuki :frowning: I’ve had a yale Conexis for around 10 year and wanting to change, on researching nuki is coming up top BUT the fact my kids could open it is a MAJOR issue, I’d say that’s more a safety issue than the door going on fire and melting the nuki as suggested by a NUKI employee earlier, also very disappointing to read the tone and disregard for consumer opinion from the NUKI staff… combined with the clunky not fully professional website where they can’t even get text wrapping and embedded videos right it’s starting to give me more doubts.

My Yale Conexis also has a manual turn to unlock but you have to simply push in and turn which my kids (2 and 5) still cannot figure out.

Will probably be avoiding or delaying purchase to see if Nuki ever eventually listen to these points.

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You can turn off the button functionality :point_up:
Turning the knob might be an issue, but in case of fire, this is more important.
Additionally you get notifications on unlock, so you would notice it, if your kids turn the knob.

Clearly don’t have kids!

Why not be able to slot in or remove the key without taking the nuki off ?
Perhaps thanks to an interstice at the middle of the knob.
A kind of flat key ring could help to remove the key.
Anyway, I can’t install the current Nuki system on a door opening on the street if I have kids…