Changing the Wi-Fi network and IP addresses of Nuki bridges: Modifications required in the script?

Hello fellow developers!

I have a question regarding the modification of the Wi-Fi network and IP addresses of my Nuki bridges. In summary, I would like to make these changes, but I am curious to know which specific elements need to be modified in my script.

Currently, I have 9 Nuki locks in version 2.0 connected to 3 bridges. I would like to update both the Wi-Fi network and the IP addresses of these bridges. I have designed a local script that interacts with the JSON file present on each bridge. However, I am unsure if I only need to modify the IP address in the script or if there are other elements, such as the token, that also need to be changed.

Therefore, I am seeking the assistance of the developer community to shed light on this question. If you have already made this type of modification on Nuki bridges or if you have knowledge in this area, I would be grateful for you to share your experiences and advice.

Thank you sincerely for your attention and help!

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If you change the Wi-Fi connection of the bridge only the IP address might change and everything else (e.g. token, nuki IDs) should remain the same.

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