Change Webhook error rate limit exceeded threshold

Is it possible to change the threshold for the “Webhook error rate limit exceeded” e-mails? I’m using webhooks for home automation with a single lock, so sometimes even a single webhook with an error will trigger an e-mail which is completely useless.

Only if the error rate on a webhook exceeds 5% in the last 24h, a warning is sent to the email. This cannot be changed. Therefore it is important to only select the features you need. All webhook payloads contain the feature which triggered them, e.g. feature = “DEVICE_LOGS”. You can deactivate the unneeded features to reduce the number of webhooks sent to a minimum.

Well reducing the features being sent won’t really help, there are very little being sent anyway from just one lock and a door that is only opened few times/day so as it stands I just ignore those e-mails as they are anyway only being sent hours after the failure.
Basically it’s a useless email…

If you would like, you could create a feature request for the same under the channel: Feature requests - Nuki Developers Thanks.