Change in nuki ifttt services!? Edit: ifttt-2 is coming (not good!)!

Shortly when I control the locks over ifttt, I get a message what says “this service will get some changes soon”!? Know anyone what changes are meant!? I tried to look in ifttt, but found nothing, so maybe here knows anyone anything about this, maybe somebody from nuki can answer this!?

I have now found out, that ifttt-2 is comming end of this month, and not one Applet will work then anymore and all have to be setup new! Also it seems some Google home functions will be removed, and the overall controlling of ifttt Applets over google or alexa will get more inconvenient, because you have to say the wake phrase then “Activate and the command what setup on ifttt-2”, for that it works! Thats really annoying!

There is no IFTTT 2 or similar. There are also no changes to the Nuki IFTTT services. What is new from 31.8. onwards is the Google Assistant integration with IFTTT, which requires every user to reconnect and create new Applets. This article lists the changes: Google Assistant IFTTT integration is changing - 9to5Google

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The article I read was talking about ifttt2 on this matter, but maybe just for easy understanding? It’s great that there are no changes to the nuki ifttt integration, but still, all have to be setup new with 31.8., and thats a load of work and very very inconvenient, - but of course it’s clear to me now, that nuki has nothing to do with this, it’s ifttt and Google what causes this! Thanks!