Change Bridge Wifi SSID/Password

Hi there!
Recently i change my ISP provider and the new router doesn’t let me configure the same password than previous.
I don’t find any method to change the wifi password configured in the Nuki Bridge without resetting to factory default. I don’t want to do it cause i have it configured with tokens and callbacks and it’s very tedius to reconfigure on it and all devices.

Is there any way to update the password?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

In bridge management (Nuki App -> manage device -> bridge) tap on the “Server” icon and chosse your network again. Then you can set a new password.

P.S.: Sorry for the late answer; our support should be faster to answer such questions. :wink:
This forum is focused on developer related issues.

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Thank you very much.

This time you were 3 hours faster than support. Just after posting here, i noticed that contacting support would be better than here.

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