Catch FOB commands

Is there any way to catch the FOB commands (1, 2 or 3 klicks) by API? I want to use the 3-Klick-Event for open the garage via NodeRED.
The same would be nice for the Nuki keypad.

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That would be a dream. I actually wanted to install and use the Fob on the inside of my main door to open 3 locks that are to come by clicking once, but as I learned the hard way, it will only communicate with the closest lock. It would be great if I could just add the bridge to the Fob and decide on my own what it should do…

You can setup ifttt that when one lock gets unlocked the others will automatically also unlocked! I made some very cool automatics with it, - I can also unlock several locks over voice without have to say a pin, or my locks automatically unlocking when opener opens the door, and so on.

I actually thought about it, too. But I didn’t implement it since it would consume so much battery since I do not need to pass those 2 other doors all the time. That is why I wanted to use the Fob for that.

I understand, - the fob was also for me a big down, I have two nuki locks on the same door, and need two fobs for opening, but on the other side it was a big up, because nuki given the second fob to me for free (and who don’t loves FREE STUFF!)!