Can't update firmware (smart lock not in range)

I am trying to update to the latest firmware 2.4.5 from 2.3.11 and the app fails with error “smart lock not in bluetooth range” (translated from italiano "Per aggiornare il firmware della tua Smart Lock, devi essere nel raggio del Bluetooth).

I am in the bluetooth range and I can see it from the connection status that the signal is “very good”.

I have tried from three different devices (1 tablet and 2 phones) and I have reset the smart lock already. The message is always the same.

When I installed the smart lock in december I did an initial firmware update without problems.

The same problem with iOS and Android?

And do you get the error initially or later on in the process?

The problem is that this error message is quite general and rather means that there was a problem with the Bluetooth connection. (Update for the App for better error messages for debugging coming soon …)

Before you try again make sure that no other device is trying to connect at that time, remove the bridge (which you most probably done as you already reset the Smarr Lock) and also disable HomeKit (if used). That could help.

Else I suggest to contact our customer support (via phone or for direct support with your issu!

The update process stops just after starting, with the above mentioned message. I will try again in the evening turning off everything that could interfere. The problem is the same on ios.

Be sure to check if you already see the new Android App Beta (see APP UPDATE: Nuki Android App 2.1.5-Beta)
Error codes are already improved in that version which will help our support to solve your issue.

Just to update everyone, I was able to update my nuki’s firmware last weekend.
I removed the lock from my phone and re-paired it this time deleting it from my paired devices in android bluetooth control panel.
After that it updated the firmware successfully.

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