Can't see specific additional user

Hello community,

first sorry for my bad english (not a native speaker). I was using Nuki for some years and switched shortly to Tedee. Came back to Nuki and it’s 4th generation lock.

I installed it as usual. After giving access to my wife via iOS app I realized that my user appears twice in my app. On my wifes iOS app it shows correctly my user an her user. In Nuki web it shows my name / user only once, but can’t see my wifes user.

I thought I did something wrong and reseted everything (lock, app, web, user…). After adding my wife, again same result. When adding for exmaple my mom via app (also iOS), app and web shows her user correctly.

We all use the newest app version and iOS version. I can’t figure out what happened.

Hi @Flash ,
thank you or for report. Please open the Nuki app within the “Users” section take a screenshot and reach out to our customer service via Help → Contact customer service. Please attach the screenshot and provide a description of your problem.

Thank you.